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crisscross adj : marked with crossing lines [syn: crisscrossed] n : marking consisting of crossing lines [syn: cross, mark] adv : crossing one another in opposite directions


1 cross in a pattern, often random
2 mark with or consist of a pattern of crossed lines; "wrinkles crisscrossed her face"
3 mark with a pattern of crossing lines; "crisscross the sheet of paper"

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Middle English Christ's cross


  1. To move back and forth (over something.)
  2. To mark something with crossed lines.


  1. A pattern of crossed lines.


  1. marked with crossed lines


  1. crossing one another

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CrissCross is a 1992 feature film based on the novel by Scott Sommer. It starred Goldie Hawn, Keith Carradine, Steve Buscemi, and David Arnott. The film had caused controversy in that it includes a scene where twelve-year-old actor David Arnott appears entirely nude (though shot from behind).


Divorced mom Tracey Cross (Goldie Hawn) raises her 12 year old son Christopher (David Arnott) in Key West in 1969. She becomes a stripper to support herself and Chris. Meanwhile, he becomes involved in drug dealing.

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Calvary cross, Christogram, Greek cross, Jerusalem cross, Latin cross, Maltese cross, Russian cross, T, X, across, across the grain, ankh, athwart, athwartships, avellan cross, bar, chi, chi-rho, chiasmal, chiasmic, chiastic, christcross, contrariwise, contrawise, cross, cross ancre, cross botonee, cross bourdonee, cross fitche, cross fleury, cross formee, cross fourchee, cross grignolee, cross moline, cross of Cleves, cross of Lorraine, cross patee, cross recercelee, cross-crosslet, cross-grained, crossbar, crossbones, crosscut, crossed, crossing, crosslet, crossway, crossways, crosswise, cruciate, crucifix, cruciform, crux, crux ansata, crux capitata, crux decussata, crux gammata, crux immissa, crux ordinaria, cut across, dagger, decussate, decussated, ex, exing, fork cross, gammadion, intercross, intersect, intersected, intersecting, inverted cross, lie across, long cross, obliquely, overthwart, papal cross, pectoral cross, potent cross, rood, saltire, secant, sideways, sidewise, swastika, tau, thwart, thwartly, thwartways, transverse, transversely, traverse, trefled cross, voided cross
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